The web application allows you to download a table which has summed the square kilometers of area with WSI values >= 7.2 (for mallards). You can select your Area of Interest category (Entire dataset, Flyway, LCC, Joint Venture, or state) and a sub-category (Example: If you select LCC as the category you will select one of the available LCCs as the sub-category). Once these have been selected you must input dates of interest. The dataset starts September 01, 1979 and ends December 31st, 2012. Once all options have been selected hit accept to display a map and the table of interest. Once the table has been created it can be downloaded.

Upper Midwest and Great Lakes Landscape Conservation Cooperative Long Point Waterfowl Ducks Unlimited Mississippi State

In using this open-access WSI web application to obtain data you agree to cite any work derived thereafter using these data as

Mitchell, M., M. L. Schummer, J. Coluccy, R. Macleod. 2014. An open-access web-based tool for querying weather severity index data used to predict mallard migration in the Central, Mississippi, and Atlantic Flyways, September - March 1979 - 2012. Accessed online: