LMVJV Land Owner Parcels Database

MAV Land Ownership Spatial Database and Web Application

This database and web application has been developed in support of the conservation outreach and coordination interest of the Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture (LMVJV) Partnership (www.lmvjv.org). Funding for its creation was granted by the Walton Family Foundation and the web-based system was developed by the USGS National Wetlands Research Center. Ducks Unlimited has graciously agreed to house and maintain the database.

Click here for a list of county/parish information.

The fundamental goal for development of the database and web application is to provide available private land ownership data (to include parcel boundary, name, and address information) within the Mississippi River Alluvial Valley (MAV) of Arkansas (AR), Louisiana (LA) and Mississippi (MS). Development of the initial database targeted acquisition of data from those counties and parishes that fall within the identified operational boundaries of the AR MAV and LA/MS Conservation Delivery Networks. Data have been coalesced from multiple sources to establish a readily accessible, centralized source of spatially defined landowner data that can be used by partners of the LMVJV to support targeted, landscape scale conservation planning, outreach and delivery to private landowners.

Access to the application is provided to Joint Venture partners through Ducks Unlimited. If you would like access to the data or the application please email mmitchell@ducks.org.